Social media marketing and advertisements

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What is Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing and advertisement for customer engagement is here for a while. The most significant advantage of Social media platforms is its ability to cater to almost every possible business objective be it building awareness, increase customer base, driving traffic to your website or App downloads. Along with search engines, social media platforms also helps in the organic discovery of your brand by putting up relevant contents in front of your audience. Social Media (paid) Advertisements will be useful in driving immediate conversions like Pay Per Click ads. 

Importance of Social media

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Why you should use Social Media Marketing

Every day people are discovering and engaging with hundreds of brands via content shared, liked by their near and dear ones, in their favourite social media platforms. It is high time for any business irrespective of its size, to work on their social media marketing and advertisement strategy to engage their audience directly. It is the most sustainable way to increase customer base. Without proper social media strategy in place, you are running a risk of missing the opportunity to present your product or services to your prospects. Moreover, social media marketing helps you to create authority in the industry you operate and benefits you in organic search engine ranking (SEO) too. 

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setting up social media marketing campaign

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Step by Step Process

Social Media Marketing and Advertisement is not just putting up a seasonal greeting or sharing your company offers in social media platforms. You or your agency should start the process from analysing your current social media presence and identifying the gaps and opportunities. Next comes the persona (TGA) building, finalising the objective. Finalising the right content is crucial for better audience engagement, and you can use various tools like "people also search for" feature in Google. Use that understanding to finalise campaign scheduling and choosing the right platform to share your content. Today a lot of big corporates are also using video for content marketing efficiently. This whole process needs to be iterated with multiple tracking tools to optimise it towards achieving the desired results. 

More on social media marketing and advertisements

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Our Solutions

We offer full stake social media marketing and advertisement for clients in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Pollachi

  • Managing of profile or business pages across all platforms
  • Advertisements in Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and other popular social media platforms 
  •  Develop a content strategy and content calendar for multi-platform customer engagement.
  • video for content marketing
  •  Keyword and hashtags research
  •  Tracking brand mentions and reputation management. 


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