Growth hacking techniques for marketing

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What is Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking or Growth Marketing is the process of using creative, low-cost digital marketing strategies to help businesses to grow at an accelerated phase. Implementing Growth hacking requires expertise in product, brand and operations with a single objective of increasing the sales. Examples include using Gamification for marketing activities and focusing on content marketing for business growth etc. 

Importance of growth hacking

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Why you should use Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is not a single strategy or a tool. An expert Growth hacking agency uses a collection of various low-cost ideas to drive to growth. It targets customer throughout their journey from the very moment they come to know about your product. If your agency decides to use content marketing for business growth, then it should touch base with your customer in every possible point of interaction including email, social media even in mobile when they are on the move. Every touchpoint missed out poses a severe risk of losing your future customer in their journey from prospect to your customer.  

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implementing growth hacking

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Step by Step Process

Though, there is no specific model or process is preferred for growth marketing, but Many startups use Dave McClure’s “pirate funnel” model.  Customers are targeted at every stage of their journey start from acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue (AARRR). Companies or Growth hacking agency could creatively use gamification for marketing your product, which is a low cost yet great way of creating brand awareness which is also a vital step in implementing growth hacking.  

More on Growth Hacking

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Our Creative Solutions

We cater clients from Coimbatore, Tiruppur and Pollachi. our growth hacking strategies for business focused on three core areas as below

Package  Services  

  • Content marketing for business growth
  • Digital Advertisements in sophisticated platforms 
  • Product Marketing with low-cost digital marketing tools

Stand-alone Services

  • Guest Blogging 
  •  Podcasting services
  • Gamification for marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  •  Digital radio Advertisement

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